Dr.Meena Shah’s Sessions on Healthy Fit Pregnancy & Easy Child Birth

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You are embarking on an Amazing Journey of Motherhood. Many have traveled this road before you and every step is exciting but full of anxiety.
Mama Care is a unique Prenatal/ Postnatal learning experience designed by Dr. Meena Shah to help you celebrate the miracle of becoming a Mother and journey from being a woman to a healthy and condent mother.
Info Session
*The Magic of creating a new life can bring innite happiness with a new direction in your life
*Conscious Approach to Pregnancy and childbirth.New way of looking at conception pregnancy and childbirth.
*Discussion on individual concerns and problems.
*Importance of Rest, Nutrition, Exercises and Medical care during pregnancy.
*Nourishment for body and mind.
*Ways to connect with and nourish body through Healthy nutrition, music, reading and massage.
*Natural care and remedy for common problems like Back pain, Leg pain,
*Morning sickens, Digestive disturbance, emotional changes etc.
*Understanding labor and delivery -1.
*3 stages of labor, physiological changes during each stage.
*Creating comfortable and nourishing birth experience.
*Importance of “Lamaze” Breathing techniques for Easy labor
*Understanding labor and deliver- 2 .
*Delivery in co-operation with doctors.
*Pain Management through Breathing Techniques.
*Different types of deliveries.
*Yoga for pregnancy and motherhood.
Practical Session
Prenatal Exercises
*Prenatal Exercises Posture care: sitting, sleeping, standing, working walking etc.
*Easy stretches for better circulation and relaxation.
*Feet and legs.
*Back Exercises.
*Arms and Breast Exercises.
*Abdominal Exercises.
*Back muscles.
*Thighs and Hips.
*Breast and pectorals.
*Pelvic Floor – Kegel Exercise
*Breathing - Relaxation techniques'
*Lamaze' breathing for shorter, comfortable and condent 'Labour'
*Labor Exercises.
*Special yogasans and pranayams for pregnant women.
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