Nirbhaya” Surakshit Jeevan, Shresth Jeevan For Women
•To assist Gujarat Home Dept in their endeavor to combat increasing cases of violence and rape   
 against women
•Conduct Master trainings for police members (2 per station) and select community leaders
 Impart effective communication strategies
•Provide effective training modules and appropriate IEC tools 
•Provide training on self defense strategies, tools and precautions
•Provide training for developing sympathy towards victims as well as emotional support, moral  
  support and positive attitude  towards victims
•We have done master training programs in city and town of Gujarat Covering 500 + Women    
Final Aim :  Empowered Women Of Gujarat
•Empower Women Mentally & Physically Against Potential Assault
•Ensure Presence Of Mind And Decision Making Power In Women In Case Of Assault
•Assist Other Women In Such Eventualities
•Preventive & Precautionary Safety Measures
1.Women Empowerment
2.Personal Safety  
3.Into the mind of an Aggressor
4.Fitness For Self Defense
5.Practical Precautionary Strategies for safety
6.When Its Too Late  
7.Self Defense I & 2
8.Safety for Adolescents  
9.Positive Attitude towards women & Help for Victims