Medico Media Has Two Set Of Professional Work and Activities 
1.Training & DevelopmentIn Health and Occupational Wellness
  We are operational in training & development since 25 years,conducting training & master training       
  programs with corporates  for empowerment & training in field of proactive health  
  management,occupational health,women wellness,learned care inprevention & care of lifestyle diseases.
2.Health Communication,Media & Social Media Since 20 years working to promote health-wellness in     
  society actively using latest communication technology & media.
Creating Various Motivating, Educational, Health Promotional Material :
1.Print-Books,Flip Charts, Posters,Brochures Etc.
2.Health Videos–In various formats,lengths & languages
3.Training Aids-Training manuals,Presentations,Audio–Visual Training Modules,Games–Activities Etc.
4.Media/Social Media-TV Shows,Radio,Social Media Engagements.