Adolescent Health & Growth

•Adolescence is a very important stage in each person’s life.It is characterized by many  physical,psychological and   emotional changes.It is also a period of confusion and rebelliousness  among the individuals.  
•Adolescents constitute 22% of the country’s population.They require attention, guidance and  friendly counseling.Without    awareness of the changes, the reason for changes and guidance on  making the right choices, they often fall prey to vices and  unsafe sex resulting in unwanted  pregnancies.
•It is to be noted that the country has a huge burden of vector-borne diseases which are largely related  to poor drainage,   solid waste management and lack of education and use of even the available  infrastructure. 
•The need of the time is to educate, empower and create awareness among adolescents – male and  females irrespective of   education,location or religion.They must be guided in a way that they find  interesting and applicable in real life.
Objectives & Target  Audience 
•To spread awareness and educate adolescents for reproductive and sexual health to curb                      STDs,unwanted pregnancies and abuse.
Problem Areas For Adolescents & Teens
•No understanding of the effect of  hormones on their moods, sexuality and aggression.
•Near total lack of communication with family.
•Easily swayed by peer pressure into vices.
•Lack of awareness of sexual health, STDs etc.
•Lack of adequately informative educational material
•Fear of lack of privacy while getting guidance.
•Lack of know how on reproduction & conception leading to unwanted & untimely pregnancies &  many times unsafe abortions.
Impact Girls & Boys Between 12 To 18 Years In Area Of :
•Better Health – Wellness
•Cleanliness – Hygiene
•Optimum Growth & Development  
•Avoiding Negative Habits & Take Up Positive Ones
•Understand Reproductive Health
•Positivity & Contribution To Family & Society