We live in a world where surrounded by media.  A-V Training modules with videos embedded will be most effective  tool for effective communication & training of large group of people using LCD projection system / Mobile Tablet / Internet – Online Training
A-V presentations that can be viewed on laptop for smaller groups & can  prove to be an interesting, high impact way of outreach.Presentations are geared towards the different relevant health topics are very impactful for skill building,  attitudinal change and learned actions.
Dr. Meena Shah is one of the country’s foremost communication experts on Positive Health & Stress Management, Lifestyle Diseases, Women Wellness & Women Empowerment, Adolescent Health, Nutrition,  RCH. Etc.She has been running antenatal classes for the last 30 years and has created over 20 films on pregnancy care, childbirth, postnatal care, newborn care etc.Additionally, she has created over 30 films on BP/Diabetes/Heart care/Asthma/fitness/nutrition etc.
As a result, e have the largest databank of over 1000  2-3 minute video clips on topics of your interest that can be leveraged for the A-V Training presentations we create.Leveraging such existing videos is very cost effective compared to production of new videos.Leveraging our large video bank, you can have them at a fraction of the cost with the same benefits.
Objectives of A-V Training Modules
•Awareness Building
•Attitude Shift And Motivation For Better Health Care Practices.
•Skill Building And Propagation Of Positive & Healthy Lifestyle Practices
•Engage Participants Through A Combination Of Content And Technology
•Long Term Training And Reference Resource
Highlights of A-V Training Modules:
•Presentations Will Be Created Keeping In Mind The 4 Facets – Health,  Socio Cultural Relevance & Wellness Products As Per   Your Suggestions
•Presentations Will Be Scientific, Crisp And Engaging For The Viewer
•It Will Incorporate Need-Based Audio And Video
•Presentations Will Be Self Explanatory And Easy To Follow
•It Will Be Very Creative With Very Interesting Visuals And Relevant Pictures
•Our Research Team Will Design It To Be Motivating And Implementable
•As Suggested By You, It Will Include Assessment Quiz
•Dr. Meena Shah Will Lead The Team And Serve As The Content Expert. A Team Of Experts  Including–Communication Expert, Msws, Graphic Designers,Video Editors And Researchers Will    Be Involved In Development Of The Presentations
•The Presentations Will Be Created And Submitted In Power Point Format
•Presentations will be created with input from you about your special contents & training related  information
•Logos, Acknowledgement and other similar details to be incorporated in the presentation
•Active Coordination between our office and your staff 
Details Of A-V Training Modules
•Medically Authentic
•Very Interesting & Easy to comprehend
•Engaging & Interactive
•Socio Culturally Appropriate
•Will hve 35-50 Slides
•2-4 videos
•Will have all matching graphics & pictures
•Will include 2-3 quizzes for active participation & learning