Corporate Wellness Workshops 
What is Wellness?  
Wellness is commonly defined as an organized set of activities designed to help individuals make and/or maintain behavior change(s) that help reduce their health risks and/or enhance their ability to function.
Large percentage of absenteeism, low productivity, job turnover, increasing medical expenses are due to stress& lifestyle diseases.
In 2005, it was estimated that chronic diseases in India accounted for almost 53% of all deaths and 44% of disability-adjusted life years (DALYs).
Over  50% of lost  workdays are due to avoidable diseases. Healthy, energized and motivated employees are drivers  of a company's success and a measure of effective HR practices.
Medico Media is the pioneer in the field of Employee Wellness, occupational Health Trainings & Behavioral Skills training for the last 30 years.We understand that Health is dynamic integration of body, mind , spirit and environment& daily lifestyle choices & learned involvement of employees play most important role
We have worked with hundreds of companiesand lakhs of employees to deliver ‘Positive Health Options’ – Health, Lifestyle, Stress & Work life balance  customized& need based workshops. Doing trainings for  shift workers, office staff, executives,women employees and more with  tangible results.
Along with workshops, we offer customizedemail  healthmessages. We also offer web wellness solutions & health communication (Videos, PPTs, PDFs) to corporates for use for  employees on the company’s  intranet.
We Offer A Wide Range Of Workshops & Solutions
•Positive Health Options Seminars On Health, Lifestyle And Stress Management
•Complete Women Seminar – Health & Stress Management For Working Women 
•Targeted  StressManagement And Work Life Balance Workshop.
•High Energy Working& High Energy Life Workshop
•Healthy Shift Work Workshop
•Positive Life - Positive Attitude - Positive Health – Positive Work Culture Workshop
•Positive Health & First Aid Trainings
•Cleanliness, Hygiene, Safety And Healthy Habits Seminars
•Disease Management Programs On Specific Conditions Like High BP,Diabetes, Heart Problems,      Metabolic Syndrome, Etc.
•Ergonomics &Managing Back And Neck Safety
•Age & Healthy Aging Workshops For Retiring Employees & Families
•Tobacco Cessation Seminars.
•EATFIT – Healthy Hygienic Cooking Training For Canteen Staff And Many More.