Creating Internal Wellness Leaders in Corporate
Employees Need to  RemainHealthy, Stress Free and motivated to perform optimally and have high level of work satisfaction.  Fact is that 60% of our day is spent at work, 40% of job turnover is due to stress. Over 50% of lost workdays are stress related, which keeps many from attending work. 
However, health and stress management and self-care takes a back seat in day to day life.  
Working age adults spend more waking hours at work than at any other location; so it makes good sense to promote health through wellness promoting programs repeatedly and regularly  by In house wellness trainers.  Prevention takes less time and costs company's health plan less money in the long run, if your employees are exposed to regular short wellness programs. Given regular opportunity to learn about daily health care & empowerment to live healthy lifestyle can be very useful. 
They can conduct regular talks/workshops with the employees providing them actionable and interesting information and know how in the area of wellness, disease management, fitness, yoga and much more.  
Emphasis  is on management of diseases  through healthier lifestyle choices & proper medical follow up & treatment. We provide solutions that fit into everyday lives so that the participants can follow healthy practices in the long term
Our TOT programs are state-of-the-art to promote healthy lifestyles and prevent /manage chronic lifestyle and stress related health problems  at the worksite. 
Doctors work for the over all health of the employees and colony but their hands are full with patients and other duties.  Having received a grounding and training themselves, they are capable of overseeing occasional wellness initiatives.  Support by peer leaders who can conduct workshops once every fortnight will go a long way to establishing a health conscious and aware community 
Moreover, it is important that the wellness leaders be a part of community, understand the community and company culture and have a comfortable rapport with the employees.