Pharma Industry Work & Activities
Few key services &initiatives  could be a great fit for pharmaceutical Industry’s  marketing, health awareness, image building strategies.  
Dr Meena Shah &  Medico Mediateam have a unique combination of medical and creative expertise that goes a long way towards result oriented activities and initiatives
Dr. Meena Shah is India's foremost health media consultant with hundreds of Radio shows, thousands of TV shows and ~75 videos/docu dramas to her credit.  As a medical doctor, her oversight means that the material is technically always sound.  With a team with distinguished director & editors from NID, you can rest assured that the result is always tailored to the audience  laymen, rural/urban or
medical professionals
1.Videos : We can create customized videos in a docu drama/scientific/drama format for spreading awareness.  You can have a number of key doctors be a part of the video.  This goes a long way towards relationship building with the doctors as well.  We have created over 70 videos for pharma companies such as Zydus, Cadila, J&J, Claris, Intas,  etc.
2.TV : this is a cost effective way to involve doctors. Dr. Meena Shah
will host he program on TV.  We will coordinate with the doctor, prepare the doctor for a TV savvy interview, plan the flow, create and provide visuals as part of the show and handle all logistics associated with TV Channel production and transmission.  Your company and each doctor will receive a DVD with the talk.  With thousands of TV shows behind us we have expertise and media relations for very engaging and cost effective shows.
3.Social Media Engagement: This is a fantastic way to engage with a wide audience.  However, most social media marketers are unable to navigate effectively in the area of health.  This strategy will involve creating engaging content for Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and even Linkedin.  This will incorporate elements of text, video etc.
4.TV/Video + Social Media :  One of the most effective tools for SEO is the use of videos.  Videos, with proper keywords are featured very highly as part of search results.  If we conduct TV shows for you or create videos, they can be leveraged very effectively for your social media campaign.  We will divide into 2-3 minute clips & re-edit the shows/videos for upload on You Tube & Facebook.  It is a great value-add for doctors who will have a web presence and will be a part Top Search Results as a direct result of this initiative
5.Wellness Workshops for Doctors :  As a community, doctors are overworked, stressed and have very little time for self care. Ironically they are highly prone to heart disease and other lifestyle diseases.  With experience of over 4000 workshops behind us, we have a fantastic lifestyle management, time management, stress management workshop catering the unique issues and needs of doctors and even their spouses.  This is another great way to engage doctors.
6.Print Media : Posters (Series  Of  Disease  Based/Awareness  Posters )
Our very loyal and satisfied client base includes, ZydusCadila ,Cadila Pharma,Johnson and Johnson, Apollo Hospital, Biocon, Lincoln, Stemcyte, Datri,   BoehringerIngleheim, Claris, Intas, etc.