Promotion of Child Health – Teachers & Parents Role
For A Healthy And A Successful Life, Children Need To Be Physically Healthy, Disease Free And Mentally Alert And Emotionally Secure.     
Schools And Teachers Play A Pivotal Role In  Moulding The Children’s Future Through Education. 
Along With Academic Education, They Are Also In An Ideal Position To Mould Their Future Healthy And Happiness By Educating Them On Good Healthy Habits And Attitudes.  These Habits Formed During Childhood Last A Lifetime And Will Go A Long Way In Preventing Lifestyle Diseases And Maintaining Health And Vitality. 
Purpose Of This Program Is To Effectively Mobilize Teachers Through Awareness And Transfer Of Knowledge, To Bring About A Change In Attitudes, Habits And Practices. Teachers In Turn Will Motivate & Be In Communication With Parents To Bring Forth Changes At Home Level & Also Spread It Across Community & Housing Colonies
This Is A Highly Structured, Interactive And Interesting Training In Which Trainees Will Receive Training On Total Health Care, Health By Choice, Healthy Eating, Fitness, Cleanliness – Hygiene, Emotional Wellness- Stress Management, Life Skills Feminine Health Care And Communication Strategies.
Teachers Will Continue Doing Various Activities, Games & Projects & Reinvent Ways Of Implementing More Effectively. Parents Will Take Up Matching Actions At Home, So That Children Can Make Health & Wellness & Psychological Fitness As Way  Of  Life.