Train The Trainers

To Propagate & Promote Concept Of Positive & Preventive Health Care & Hygiene & Cleanliness Practices In School Children By Empowering & Training Teachers As WELLNESS LEADERS.
Doing Special TOTs Programs for Teachers Of Secondary School Of English as Well As Gujarati Medium Schools 
For a healthy and a successful life, children need to be physically healthy, disease free and mentally alert and emotionally secure. 
Schools and teachers play a pivotal role in molding the children’s future through education.  Along with academic education, they are also in an ideal position to mould their future healthy and happiness by educating them on good healthy habits and attitudes.  These habits formed during childhood last a lifetime and will go a long way in preventing lifestyle diseases and maintaining health and vitality. 
Purpose Of This Program Is To Mobilize Teachers Through Awareness And Transfer Of Knowledge, To Bring About A Change In Attitudes, Habits And Practices.
It aims to sensitize, empower and train teachers and students in the areas of effective and focused implementation of health care, hygiene, awareness and better sanitation practices.  
This is a highly structured, interactive and interesting training in which the teachers will receive in-depth training on total and holistic health care, effective stress management, feminine health care and communication strategies. 
Teachers Will Be Doing Various Activities, Games & Projects For Children To Make Health & Wellness Habits As Way Of Life.
Teachers Will Be Using Excellent Infrastructure & Facilities To Teach Students About Health Hygiene & Physical & Psychological Fitness.
•Addition of a unique and important dimension in education - Communication And Services In Area Of Health & Wellness 
•Teachers Will Become More Effective In Their Communication Skills & Know How In Area Of Health,Wellness, Hygiene Care,   Growth - Development & Disease Prevention.
•Students will receive life-long benefits even if they imbibe only a few habits in their daily life.
•Indirect impact on the communities by empowering families to take on healthy lifestyle practices.
Programs & Activities 
•Will be Designed Keeping Our Cultural, Economical ,Social & Spiritual Attitudes & Practices In Mind. 
•All Topics & Contents Will Be Created To Match & Enhance Health & Wellness among children
•Will Focus On  Practical Trainings For Teachers To Spread Awareness & Know How In All Students
•Training Manual Will Be Created For Teachers
•World class Training Slides Will Be Created and Provided to teachers With  Videos for effective communication of medical and  scientific info to students.
•12 Weeks Plan will be provided for Daily Interaction, Activities & Practical Fitness.
•Various Activities Like- Games, Role Play, Creation Of Posters & Charts, Essay / Elocution Competitions, Etc. Will Be  Specially Created & Presented To Teachers So That They Can Use Them Effectively As Communication & Training Tool.
Highlights Of  Training  Programs   
1.Very  participatory.
2.Practical & Need-based
3.Active Learning-Fun & Meaningful
4.Simple  &  Easy  to  Implement tips.
5.Supportive of Critical Inquiry & Creative Innovations
6.Rich in Audio/Visual inputs