Healthy, energetic workforce is biggest asset for organizations. So employee wellness & effectiveness at work is important for employees & company.We have designed series of special webinars which are interactive, life enriching, useful & enjoyable.

Webinars have their advantages like
• Easy to coordinate for multiple locations
• Shorter duration so people can participate without much disturbance to work.
• No need for participants or faculty to travel
• No extra cost of travel/food arrangements 
With Dr Meena Shah’s extensive experience of training, she has designed comprehensive webinars for specific needs of organization & employees.
Unique features of our webinars
• Use of excellent & effective presentations 
• Super interactive with interesting interludes of self inquiry questions/suggestions
• Have practical activities included for 20-30 min.
• We share all relevant information in form of short effective videos & articles after webinar.
Here are our some webinars link