Video Webinar Series

1.Positive Health & Wellness In Daily Life 
2.Wellness & Lifestyle Management
3.High Energy Life – High Energy Work
4.Stress Management & Work Life Balance
5.Healthy Eating  & Being Fit at Work
6.Effects Of Tobacco Habits On Health & Ways Of Giving Up Tobacco
7.Health & Work Management For People Working In Shifts
8.Lifestyle Diseases – Facts, Preventive Actions, Care & Treatment
9.Yoga For Daily Life
10.Working Women – Wellness & Work Life Balance
11.Women Wellness - Holistic Approach To Menopause
12.Healthy Eating & Weight Management 
13.Industrial Ergonomics & Office Ergonomics 
14.Positive Health & Improving Immunity + Preventive Steps Against COVID 19
15.Positive Health Care & Enhancing Physical and Emotional Recovery After having COVID 19
16.Healthy Happy Working & Office Ergonomics